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Infinite Designs is made up of a group of working professionals that understand the importance of uniqueness and one-to-one communication, we carry this over into every project that we take on. We combine technology and design to produce viable solutions for any organization and teach them to grow their business by leveraging the power of online and offline resources.

We develop state-of-the-art Internet Solutions, deliver top quality pre and post lauch support, and produce high quality print designs. We have the capabilities of aiding all of our clients with guidance and integration. We help our clients' increase their business assets, we deliver high impact marketing tools and become the bridge in the gap between them and their clients.

First we take a look into the world of our client, studying what they have to offer, identifying what their appropriate market areas are, and examining their current productivity. Then we come up with a plan of action to solve the needs of our client. This could be anything from a simple brochure, a company web site, a new hosting or marketing strategy, or a total packaged solution.

We specialize in the following areas. We can provide high impact solutions for our clients utilizing our skills. Our services include:
  • Consulting
    • Defining the design and development opportunity
    • Assessing the needs of our client
    • Producing a strategy or group of strategies

  • Visual and Graphic Design
    • Creating an online presence
    • Developing unique collateral peices
    • Working with multimedia streams

  • Corporate Identity
    • Forming a new identity
    • Refreshing a current identity with a new look
    • Expanding an already existing identity

  • Web Application Development
    • Building Databases (large or small)
    • Customizing web forms and interactive tools

  • System Integration
    • Hosting your project(s)
    • Installing project(s) onto an existing solution

  • Post Launch Support
    • Offering Marketing Solutions
    • Providing tech support and monitoring
    • Managing and updating content

Defining the opportunity and developing a strategy
Helping our clients chart a precise direction to uncover and extend their business capabilities.

Creating an identity, the design, and user experience
Developing matchless design solutions and creating a user-friendly feel that increases brand recognition.

Developing over all high end results and backing it with the appropriate tools
Building custom solutions that increases our clients’ productivity, reduces their cost, and allows for better customer/company communication and perception.

Infinite Designs
RR1 Box 469, Willie Rogers Rd
Evergreen, AL 36401
Tel + 1.251.578.1753