Get acquainted with the staff here at What The Flux.

Larry Jarrell Jr.
Editor n Chief WTFC
President of Marketing and Production WTFM
Creator   Penciler Concrete Dove
Co-Creator of Outlaws

Larry has been in the graphics design and illustration field for 24 years, it has only been the past 3 years that the dreams to put together a Comics company has come to fruition. College was spent at the Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale; developing art for all manner of mediums and media from Imprinted wear to printed advertising. Larry prefers to Pencil and visually tell a story and leave the inking and coloring to those that can do it far better than himself.


Jay Williams
Director of Talent Recruitment
Co-Creator of Outlaws
Creator of Nano Sword
Penciler of Outlaws


Richard Obregon

Jose I. Vega

Jose was raised in Puerto Rico. He has his Bachelor's degree in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. He has over 3 years of experience doing architectural 3d renderings for private residences, penthouses and hotels; both interiors and exteriors designs. He has been working with Photoshop for over 5 years and 3d software such as MAYA for over 3 years. He has experience as a concept artist, comic colorist, illustrator and others. We are fortunate to have found Jose and he is just as excited as we are to have him onboard with us.

Debra Joseph
Writer Concrete Dove

Found her first comic book while still in diapers and it was delicious! As soon as she could hold a crayon she began writing and drawing, selling some of her first creations for milk money. While still in elementary school she got into the fine arts and illustration, and somehow discovered the underground world of fanzines and self publishing. In high school she embraced theater, and was intrigued by the newly introduced computer arts sadly finding the medium painstakingly slow and limited. Moving on, she began a commercial art studio, but was soon lured to Hollywood to try her hand at special effects makeup for TV and film. Now back to her comic book roots she promises to take a big bite out of the industry.

Cecil Jones
Pin Up Artist
Cover Artist
Developing new title: AMP

Gaby Gonzalez
Pin Up Artist

Gaby is our youngest member at age 18 and we are truly enjoying having her with us. We met Gaby at the Orlando Area Sci-Fi Comic Convention MegaCon where she did samples and even a few pieces that we purchased from her. She has been developing her talent since she was very young and has truly gotten a handle on her fusion Penciling and inking styles.

Richard Sheehan


Richard Sheehan, born and raised in the Sacramento area was first inspired to draw by ‘90’s cartoons such as Batman, X-Men, and Spiderman. Later that attention to art turned towards anime like Digimon where he then began giving gel pen tattoos to the kids at school. Richard had read comics but was never in love with them until he read a collection of joe madureira’s run on X-men and knew he wanted to do draw comics for a living when he read Extreme X-men. Little did he know that only 8 years later he would be coloring them. Loving all things art he is constantly inspired to draw, paint, and design at all hours of the day.

Ulises Carpintero
Penciler Inker for Buccaneers of the Stratosphere

Zach Bassett
Penciler & Inker


Zach Bassett (22) grew up in Colorado, drawing, writing, and reading comics with his friends. While in highschool, he got his start doing illustrations for local magazines, before earning his BFA, in the sequential art program, from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). There, he also landed his first published sequential art work, in their annual anthology. Since then, Zach has gotten married to his college sweetheart and done work for companies such as, Faber Castell, Cosmic Times Media, and various small-press publishers. He often signs his work with the pseudonym XaqBazit, and currently lives in Florida with his beautiful wife (a part-time letterer), two cats and one dog (who thinks he’s a cat). You can see some of his work on Deviant Art or follow him on his blog.

Patrick Sessoms
Staff Writer / Creator
Buccaneers of the Stratosphere
Outlaws Flux: The Web Comic

Patrick was born and raised in the Sunshine State. Currently he's attending UCF, where he is studying Cinema Studies and Philosophy. While he's always had his eyes set on the silver screen, he recently decided to try his hand at another media he's always had a passion for, comic books. Taking a cinema inspired approach to his writing; he founded his own company, Crazy Ferret Comics, and has created and written several series which he is pitching to a number of publishers. He considers himself a versatile writer, and has tackled a variety of genres in his short career.

Pamela Sinclair
Staff Web Developer
Owner of Infinite Designs

Pamela Sinclair has over seven years experience in web and graphic design. She is well versed in web site design/development from concept to completion. In addition to web site design and development, Pamela works in logo and print design as well as provides content writing services.