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We work persistently, keeping your goals and ideas in mind. You dream it up; we make it happen. We work towards achieving only the best solution and design for your preferences. We do not finalize a new project unless you are completely satisfied with the result!

We take our work seriously Each of our projects is unique and professional, everything we do is considered a work of art by us. We stand firm in our our believe that art is a form of visual communication and with that believe we develop designs and methods to help you communicate the strongest with your target audience.

Whether developing a brochure web site for a small company or building an enterprise portal for a large corporation, we provide our clients professional solutions, unique ideas and high-quality services. One of the most important objectives of Infinite Designs is to maintain a good relationship with our clients. During the project we speak to our clients on a regular basis to inform them of the progress being obtained. We assure that upon completion of the project, invaluable results will be presented.

Our project process begins by understanding our clients' needs. We both decide on a method and time for a consultation. Then, together we sit down and go through a few questions like "What design style are you looking for?", "What your products/services are?", "Who your target audience is?", "What services from us you might need?", and "What price range are you looking to stay in?". If you are not quite sure what you might need or what you are looking for that is okay too! We are here to bounce around a few ideas with you.

After a good understanding has been formed we continue on by recommending a strategy and drawing up a proposal or what is known as a project outline. The project outline is basically a summary of what your project will include in its entirety based on all the information gathered at this point. It will also include a time frame and price cost in it. The project outline is looked over initialed by the client if it meets their specifications or changes/additions are made and a new proposal given.

Upon approval of the project outline contracts are made for everyone involved in the project. The contracts will contain a final project outline and what is to be expected from the project. It will contain the design cost sheet, legal notices, and a time frame for which the project should be completed by. It will also list any items that are to be provided by the business. Contracts must be signed and turned in along with any necessary materials and the decided down payment before the project begins.

Lastly, project construction is underway and we begin the design and/or programming necessary to deliver your project.